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General Manager(s)

  • For all questions about the station itself, eBoard, or DJs. Please review all other email addresses’s functions before sending a message to the General Manager. Please do not send any press releases to this email. If you’re a band sending a release, send it to the Music Director(s). If you are an organization sending a PSA/press release, send it to our Production Manager.


  • For all questions regarding getting a radio show on WKNH, equipment breaks, or show scheduling.


  • For all budgetary/financial questions regarding WKNH and events directly sponsored by WKNH.

Promotions Coordinator: 

  • For all questions regarding local promotional opportunities, WKNH merch requests, and on air promos/underwriting to all KSC clubs and local businesses.
  • For all events scheduling, requests, and information regarding all events in which WKNH will be in attendance at or sponsoring.

Music Director(s):

  • For all questions regarding music promotion and information on WKNH’s music content. All BMI and CMJ-related inquiries will be handled by the Music Directors.

Production Manager:

  • For all questions regarding station IDs, PSAs, and production pieces produced at WKNH.

Sending Address:


Keene State College

226 Main Street 

Keene, NH 03435


 Call us at 603-358-TUNE!


Our faculty advisor is: Diana Duffy (