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We’re currently testing out our Tumblr page, debating whether we should make this our primary website, so excuse the sporadic posting.

As a reward for our handful of followers right now and anyone else interested in WKNH happenings, here’s two bumper sticker ideas we’re currently toying with for the Fall!

We like the pseudo-political one quite a bit, makes us seem a bit more legitimate, perhaps we shall win presidential office this year. A strong handful of us like the “WKNH is…” idea though; basically, the people decide how to promote us. Literally, you could write in “WKNH is baby Jesus’s official station” or “WKNH is like aurally ingesting curdled milk with unsweetened bran cereal poured into a makeshift bowl under an obese man’s fat folds” and we would simply accept this as our bumper sticker because it’s your opinion or whatever. 

Let us know though: does anyone like one over the other?